Monthly Tape Subscription

Monthly Tape Subscription

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How it works:

1. Subscribe: Once you subscribe you automatically purchase this months tape. Which is Whiplash. You will NOT be charged extra. 
2. Payment: The subscription will cost the same amount as if you were buying the tape by itself. Which is $20 + Shipping. The price will NOT raise in the future nor without notifying you of the price change.
3. Tape Schedule: Towards the last week or firs week of every month I will announce the newest tape for the following month via Instagram , email and the front page!
EX: The last week of December I will announce the tape for January, and the tape WILL be available on January 7th. You'll have a week to opt out of the following month. 
4. Your schedule: Every month 2 days after your subscription renews, your new tape will be processed and shipped out. (Sometimes same day) All Subscriptions should renew the 7th of each month. The last week of the month is the best time to subscribe. 
5. You will be able to opt-out of the following month if you don't want the newest tape via email 1-2 days before your subscription renews. You will be able to still purchase the tape whenever you're ready as it will be available until stated otherwise.


- You get exclusive deals and offers. 
- Have access to secret drops and giveaways.
- Be the first to have a say in what I drop next or will drop in the future before anyone else does.  
Subscribe now and start building your collection! It could mean something one day!