This page will list all the requirements and information going about getting a custom vhs tape made!
What movies, shows or music videos can I do? 
I can design a sleeve for most movies, shows or music videos you have in mind! I try to steer away from any movies already on VHS, the tapes I make need to be original which adds rarity. 
What about personal projects? 
These are a bit trickier but if you have all the resources/requirements that I listed below then yes! I can definitely do those.
Will I put the movie/show/music on the tape?
In terms of movies and music, yes! Movies and music will be added to the tapes. Unfortunately, I cannot do shows. Most shows are too long and editing them would take up time from working on my other projects. However, I can still design the tape for you! 
What's the turnaround time?
Turnaround times are all dependent on my workload but your tape(s) shouldn't take any longer than a month but I cannot guarantee you it'll be shipped out as fast as other tapes. These are open order commissions, it'll take time for me to get to yours!


 - Only movies released after 2005 are allowed. 

- Runtime cannot exceed more than 3 hours.


- Video must have a resolution of at least 1080p. 

- Nothing longer than an hour. 

- No albums.


Low budget films, music videos, any thing for home use such compilations of pictures and videos of family, friends, etc. 

- Must provide information on the film such as director, producer, actors. etc. via any form of text document. 

- Must provide a link to be able to download the content. 

- Compilations of images should be in a video I'm able to download and transfer to VHS. Also must provide me with images for the sleeve design. 

Personal tapes will always look a lot less cooler than regular movies or music videos due to budget differences, references and resources.

If you understand the info. and requirements listed above: please click below to see pricing and steps to order.