Why do you make these? I make them for collecting and displaying as art!
Do tapes actually play? Of course! Although I make them for collecting and displaying as art, I put content on all movie tapes (unless said otherwise)!
Why are some tapes cleaner looking than others? I sometimes add wear and tear to give the tapes a more vintage and old feel. Making it seem like it's actually an old VHS!
Movies aspect ratios are indeed changed to make sure it fits and fills the screen like an actual VHS tape. See Below. 
Is this piracy or copyright infringement? What I make can be considered contemporary art. I don't claim to have made ANY of the content I transfer to VHS. I allow these tapes to be purchased as collectibles or art pieces and only as that.
How long will it take to get my tape? I usually ship out tapes within a week, tapes are actually delivered within a week also but this all depends on the shipping services and their traffic. I may have a high volume of orders at time that may delay shipping. Please, be patient with me.