Policy and ToS

Policy & Terms of Service

By purchasing and/or signing up with Devaughn's Tapes, you agree to following terms as listed:

- You are obligated to read the product description before purchasing to avoid confusion and accusations of being mislead. 

- You are NOT eligible for a refund once your order has shipped. 

- You are eligible for a refund if: you make an accidental purchase, receive a tape that's badly damaged or never received what you ordered.

- When making a purchase you will be getting exactly what is shown as the product and described in the product description. I am NOT responsible nor obligated with providing more than what is offered and shown. 

- You are responsible for what happens to your tape(s) 48 hours after confirmed delivery. If you break or damage the product you will not be able to get a free replacement. If the tape arrives physically damaged contact me and I can help resolve the issue before sending a replacement. 

NOTE: Tapes and sleeves may arrive with wear and tear because they're SUPPOSE to look that way. Giving them more vintage feels. 

- You are obligated to make sure the address you put on an order is correct. If the package is delivered somewhere else it is because of the address you gave me. 

- If your VCR damages your tape I am not obligated to provide another tape.